Create stunning
video walkthroughs
in minutes

Walkly is an app that allows real estate offices to easily create their own video walkthroughs to share on their social media channels and websites. 

Voorbeeld Web Walkly

Professional tours in minutes

Video walkthroughs are quick and easy to create with Walkly. You don’t have to be a videographer to get great results. All the information of the property is shown and your potential buyers/renters love the experience.

  • Quickly created
  • Enriched with property information
  • Cost effective
  • Quality leads
Residential real estate
Holiday rentals
Commercial properties

Improve your marketing strategy

Expand your reach
Build on your personal brand on social media and expand your reach
Visits are now happening on the smartphones
Our video walkthroughs are fully optimized for mobile use
Save valuable time
Allow physical visits only with people who are really interested

Built to fit your business

Vertical video

Use video the way your buyers/tenants expect it, vertical video is the standard


Easily walk through the property by tapping on your screen or adjusting the speed


Because you can so easily record a video walkthrough you save a lot of valuable time

Information about the property

Your property’s information is shown at the right time in the video


Place your logo in the video and reach your customers from the video

Great reach

Your video walkthroughs reach everyone on social media, real estate portals and your own website.

How does it work?

Walkly is an app that makes creating video tours very easy. All the information of the properties automatically appears in the video, you just have to film it.


Record your video

Walk through the house or apartment and film in one fluid motion with our app.

Step 2

Walkly processes your video

Upload the videos and all information of the property and rooms will be placed in your video.

Stap 3

Share your video on all your channels

Post your video walkthrough on your website, real estate portals and social media
Download the Walkly app on your mobile phone


View examples of video walkthroughs from some of our clients

Web Walkly examples
Fast Walkly examples
Web Walkly exemples
Fast Walkly exemples

Walkly team

Ben Savelkoul

Ben Savelkoul

Co-founder - CTO

Jonas Leskens

Jonas Leskens

Co-founder - CEO

Tom Florquin

Tom Florquin

Co-founder - CMO

Tim Mellaerts

Tim Mellaerts

Co-founder - CCO

Watch a video walkthrough on your smartphone


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