As a real estate agent, should I be on TikTok?

17 March 2023

As a real estate agent, you may wonder if you should also be on TikTok. It is a question that is often asked, but the answer is simple: yes, of course! In this blog post I answer some frequently asked questions about the use of TikTok as a real estate agent.

“ TikTok is for dancing children, right? ”

That is no longer correct, there is much more to be found on TikTok than just dancing children. TikTok is a platform on which people of all ages and backgrounds share videos on all kinds of topics. So there are certainly also videos about real estate. TikTok’s algorithm shows the videos you like at the time. If you are looking for a home, you will also get videos of it.

What should I put there?

As a real estate agent you can find a show the combination of your knowledge, the functioning of your office and your homes. Think for example of videos in which you give tips for buying or selling a home, or videos in which you give a tour of a house that is for sale.

“ Do I have to dance too? ”

If you like that, you can of course! Most importantly, show your personality on TikTok. So you can also just talk about real estate without dancing.

TikTok is not going to sell a house, is it?

That’s right, TikTok is not going to sell a house. But it is possible help with your brand awareness. By regularly sharing interesting videos on TikTok, more people will get to know you as a real estate agent. Who knows, maybe they will end up with you in the future if they want to buy or sell a house.

When should I do all that?

Making videos for TikTok doesn’t have to take much time. Make clear agreements with your office about how you will create content and ensure that it is done efficiently. Once you have made a few videos you will see that it is getting easier and faster.

In short, as a real estate agent it is definitely worth being active on TikTok. It is a way to present yourself and your office to a new audience in a fun and creative way. And with apps like Walkly making videos is also very easy!

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